Restorative Dentistry

Shariat Dentistry provides comprehensive restorative dentistry for patients who suffer from common oral health problems that require necessary care. These techniques can overlap with cosmetic dentistry procedures as modern restorations are designed to look and feel natural or improve one's existing appearance.

After teeth have been damaged by disease or physical injury, they become a target for a myriad of other problems that can affect the rest of the mouth. To avoid further pain and keep your mouth healthy, Dr. Shabnam Shariat has several restorative dentistry treatments available at her practice in San Francisco. All of these tried and true treatments are enhanced by the advanced technology and leading-edge techniques Dr. Sharriat has at her disposal. If you are in need of crowns, dentures, bridges, or implants, you can find dental care of the highest caliber at the practice of Dr. Sharriat. Contact our office in San Francisco, serving all of Bay Area, today to schedule an appointment and find out for yourself how effective dental care can be.

Although many dentists can perform various restorative procedures there may still be a difference in the quality a cosmetic dentist may provide over a general or family dentist. Restorative dentistry procedures are common to general or family dentists and involve the diagnosis and treatment of conditions effecting the teeth, gums and maxillofacial (jaw and face) portions of the body.