Oral Surgery Specialists

Oral Surgery can be daunting. How do you find the right doctor? The best oral surgeons are a blend of top-notch education, technical skill, and compassion. Dr. Shabnam Shariat is highly educated and at the forefront of the field, continually receiving education on the latest techniques and resources. She practices a full scope of oral surgery in San Francisco, with expertise ranging from dental implant surgery to wisdom tooth removal. Our oral surgeon can also perform two types of sinus lifts.

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Why do teeth need to be extracted?

Extractions can be necessary for many reasons, including extensive decay, trauma or to make room for other teeth in a mouth that are too crowded. Sometimes, decayed or damaged teeth can be saved with fillings, onlays, crowns or root canals; but some teeth are so badly damaged, they cannot be saved, or saving them could compromise the health of other teeth. In those cases, an extraction is necessary.

Do wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Not always, but usually, extraction is the best route. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge, and by the time they begin erupting through the gum, the mouth is already full of teeth. As a result, the emerging wisdom teeth can cause crowding that pushes teeth out of alignment, or they may become impacted and stuck under neighboring teeth, resulting in pain, infection, and damage to other teeth. Even when wisdom teeth have room to emerge, they’re located so far back in the jaw that they can be very difficult to care for, often becoming badly decayed or infected.