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Our Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing the most up to date general, orthodontic and family dentistry. Shariat Dentistry is an excellent investment in an individual’s medical and psychological well being, Financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining this important health service. Being sensitive to the fact that different people have different needs.

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  • I have been with Dr. Shariat's practice for over ten years now and I'm very happy with both Dr. Shariat and her staff. All the staff are really friendly. I've never had to wait. Dr. Shariat is very experienced. Over the years I've had several crowns and filings -- some are quite old now but are holding up very well. Dr. Shariat is amazingly skillful at administering a local anesthetic. Hardly notice the needle at all -- which is very important to me.
  • The entire staff at this dentist is friendly, personable and understanding.They treat you like a person, and not just another patient or number. For example, she gave me a blanket to cover up when I got cold while I was getting my fillings redone. I'm happy with my experience and would definitely recommend Dr. Shariat to anybody looking for a dentist. Dr Shariat is kind, down to earth and relateable. She seems to have a lot of experience and be quite knowledgeable.
  • The dentist did my cleaning which surprised me but maybe it was because I was a new patient. She was very thorough and showed me the small cavities on my teeth and provided options on treatment-- I like when dentists do not push products and provide you the option of less invasive next steps. Office is bare bones but don't be fooled by appearances. The team has stuck together for years and has a good rhythm.
  • Dr. Shariat had always provided excellent care of all my dental work that she’s done, for all these past years. I would highly recommend her for any dental work you may need in the future. The staff are always friendly and proficient in all areas on answering and attending to all your questions. Along with their dental equipment with the latest technology.
  • I had a deep cleaning performed by Dr Shariat. She did a great job cleaning off all the plaque and buildup. She also worked with me to determine the correct amount of anesthesia for the procedure so I wouldn't be unnecessarily numb at work afterwards.
  • Both Dr. Shariat and Mariah are highly efficient yet friendly, and tune into their clients well. She is also the first dentist to get me past my lifelong fearful attitude towards going to the dentist. Highly recommended.

  • Shabnam is a perfectionist and an artist. She found deep cavities in 2 teeth and was meticulous in getting all of the decay out. Meanwhile, she and her most excellent assistant fitted me for crowns and Shabnam finished the veneers on my bottom teeth. If a dental appointment can be fun, it was. She's mindful of my low pain level and takes care of my needs and is very sweet and aware. I have not one single complaint-only high praise. Her front desk manager even walked me down to the street so that I could, in my drugged state, get a Lyft ride home safely.
  • She is professional, warm, efficient, expert, a perfectionist in all that she does. She treats her staff and patients with equal respect and inclusivity. I am devoted to her and my teeth are smiling as I write this. I just had veneers replace chipping teeth and they're beautiful. Truly, she's a meticulous artist.
  • Being a dentist is a difficult job. They have to deal with some of the most unpleasant human conditions on a daily basis. So, I appreciate the work that all dentists perform. Dr. Shariat is a good dentist and she takes pride in providing quality care. They have a very comfortable office with enough conveniences like wifi and magazines to make your wait enjoyable. Most importantly, they take care of their patients. While they are in the business of making money, Dr. Shariat typically offers options that allow me to choose the treatment that works both physically and fiscally.
  • Dr. Shariat, has made going to the dentist a pleasant experience. Her skill and techniques are great. Every procedure she has recommended was needed. The crown she installed eliminated constant pain and discomfort from food particles which were constantly getting stuck between two back teeth. Turns out I had a chipped tooth that I did not even know about and that had been missed by my last dentist. Her chair side manners are about as good as they come. Her assistant is very well trained and equally skilled. Both Dr. Shariat and her assistant have excellent technique and I was impressed that Dr. Shariat takes the time to do the flossing for teeth cleaning appointment and doesn't just harp on the need to floss more but instead takes the time to show you how a lack of flossing or over brushing is damaging the gums. Overall everyone in the office is friendly and courteous. Her appointment reminder program is great too and I never miss an appointment. I typically go in for teeth cleaning every 4 months so its greatly appreciated. The newly remodeled facilities are great too and very comfortable. I could not make a higher recommendation for a dentist than Dr. Shariat.
  • She is very professional and takes her time to properly assess the situation.